Architecture & Engineering

Virtual and augmented reality solutions for AEC

Real-scale visualizations

Virtual and augmented reality offer the possibility to visit and experience spaces, interiors and locations in real-scale. Even the ones not  built yet. This makes VR and AR unbeatable technologies when spatial understanding of design solutions is important.


SRV Redi

REDI is a one of the biggest single construction projects in Helsinki. Customized virtual reality Showroom experience lets people visit the upcoming apartments and public spaces before they are built.

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Interact and communicate

Bring  your models to extended realities to study and evaluate your design. Teatime has developed a wide selection of interactive tools to help architects, designers and endusers collaborate and communicate in complex projects. Interactive tools include teleportation, material selection, measurement, annotation, photographing and dynamic sun based on location data. In addition to our preset tools we’re always happy to hear your custom wishes .


Helsinki Central Library

The Helsinki virtual central library is one of our long term projects. It is executed in collaboration with central library ICT group and ALA-architects.

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Showcase anywhere you want

Extended realities make it possible to visit any location or showcase any product, finished or conceptual, anywhere you wish. We use wide variety of technologies to bring your design to extended reality platforms, ranging from Google Daydream to HTC Vive. Telling your story is important when selling your design or expertise. Virtual and augmented reality brings a new powerful platform for client meetings and exhibitions.


New School Helsinki

New School virtual reality experience, made for city of Helsinki, was launched last october in Design House Exhibition in Taipei, design capital 2016.

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From industry formats to real-time 3d

We can use various 3D data formats and convert them to work smoothly on virtual and augmented reality headsets. Some of the formats we have worked with include .ifc, .rvt, .step and .dae.

Model optimization

Sometimes AEC models can be heavy for extended reality technologies. We have years of experience in optimizing models for VR and AR experiences.

3D modeling

We offer 3D modeling services to bridge the gap between industry models and photorealistic 3D.

3D scanning and photogrammetry

We can bring real-life locations to VR and AR by utilizing photogrammetry and 3D scanning technologies such as LIDAR.

Vrifier – 3D model viewer

We’re currently developing a 3D data viewer for VR. Contact us to hear more!

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