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Central Library

Technology: HTC Vive | Customer: City of Helsinki

Collaboration with designers

The Helsinki virtual central library  is one of our long term projects. It is executed in collaboration with central library ICT group and ALA-architects. Phase one included a simple virtual reality environment visualizing the spaces of the library model for better understanding of the possibilities, dimensions and possible challenges of the future library environment. In lately finished second phase the experience was expanded with interactive tools to help design the functions of the public interior spaces. The practical virtual experience with interactive tools enables collaboration with designers and endusers in a new level and ensures better quality and fewer mistakes in the whole of the project.  The library it self will be finished in December 2018, but the virtual library will have a lot interesting things to offer also for public before the opening ceremonies.

Key features

  • Visualizing space in virtual environment to get a full understanding of the building and its interiors.
  • Interactive tools to help designers configure the best interior solutions and layouts for public users and staff
    • Sun Tool – visualizing natural lighting conditions with any given date and time.
    • Screen Tool –  place screens of any size with still or video footage
    • Step Tool – calculate the distance and time used to travel any route indoors.
    • People Tool – Place 3d and cut off people to demonstrate the space and its dimension.
  • Scenery giving a better picture of the location, surroundings and views
  • Model view presents the building as a scale model.