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Technology: HTC Vive | Customer: SRV

Teatime Showroom experience

Piruetti is a residential building under construction in  Vermonniitty, Espoo. Due to succesful experiences and positive feedback from Redi and Niittyheinä Showroom experiences SRV and Teatime joined hands to produce a third immersive virtual reality application for sales and marketing of Piruetti apartments. The experience includes scale model from the block and three apartment scenes.

Key features

  • Space and dimensions visualized in a way that is familiar and comprehensive
  • Easy usability and intuitive user interface to guide you through the experience
  • Scenery matching the future view from the appartment and common spaces
  • Interactions to let you change materials and themes to match your likings.
  • Concept furniture to give better understanding of the layout
  • Scale model to give perspective and information from the site


Mixed reality view from apartment

View from apartment

Scale model