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Immersive storytelling and marketing

Virtual reality as a storytelling platform

Virtual reality has an unique feature as a medium: the feeling of presence and immersion. With a memorable and well designed virtual experience you can actually feel being there, experiencing the the digital world. To design an immersive virtual reality experience is to design an experience that combines the way we understand our surroundings in the real world and adding in the magic of imagination. Our expertise in storytelling, audio and visuals makes it possible to create memorable experiences that stay with you for a long time, from immersive journalism to marketing.


Aleppo – Helsinki

Aleppo – Helsinki was a project developed together with YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) around the possibilities that virtual reality offers for journalism, storytelling and personal experience.

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Telling your story

Extended realities make it possible to bring life and stories from all over the world to be experienced by everyone, everywhere. With combination of such technologies as 360°-video and photogrammetry brought together with our state of the art VR/AR design we can produce immersive experiences to bring your stories to life. In our Future School experience, a normal school day in a Finnish elementary school was presented to visitors in Taipei and Singapore.


New School Helsinki

New School virtual reality experience, made for city of Helsinki, was launched last october in Design House Exhibition in Taipei, design capital 2016.

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Immersive experiences for marketing

Would you like the exhibition visitors to get a glimpse of your travel destinations? Promote the new locations or products in an immersive way? Perhaps visualize a mood or vibe that puts you right in the middle of action. Virtual reality can transfer your locations and products to anywhere in the known world – or beyond it to where only your imagination sets the boundaries.


Redi Buugi!

BUUGI! is a virtual party experience made for celebrating the 30th anniversary of SRV. It was presented at SRV’s summerparty event at Suvilahti 2017. With a fun and vibrant atmosphere of both music and dance BUUGI! takes the visitor into the next party level.

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With a strong background in traditional and virtual storytelling media our professionals follow the latest developments on a daily basis and can help you shape your story into virtual reality.

Art & animation

Visualizing is one of the key elements in breathing life into any idea or design. Our artists will help you with your designing, drawing, illustration, modelling and animation needs.

360 videos

360 videos can capture the details of real life as experienced and transfer it to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Combining technologies

Photogrammetry, 3D models, 360 videos, CAD and architectural models. In our projects we can blend multiple 3D technologies to create immersive experiences.

Custom productions

We create custom productions based by your wishes and help you with designing your stories to be told in immersive format. Contact us if you have an idea for an experience you’d want to see in virtual reality!

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