Teatime Research joined the APEX*-project consortium by delivering a feasibility study on methods for generating a 3D shape/model from an asteroid with a low power hardware suitable for spacecraft onboard computer. The study included preliminary algorithms and software for creating a 3D model using onboard camera/sensory data. The primary use for the study is to find methods to help the miniature spacecrafts (CubeSats) with their autonomous navigation systems, enabling them to study asteroids in deep space.

*Asteroid Prospection Explorer (APEX) is a 6U CubeSat developed for HERA mission being part of ESA-NASA AIDA (Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment) project. APEX features a unique set of instruments designed to provide a global characterization of the Didymos system – target of the joint ESA-NASA Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) mission. The instrument set includes ASPECT (Asteroid Spectral Imager), ACA (Asteroid Composition Analyzer), and MAG (Magnetometer).

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  • December 2019

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    Apex/Hera mission/Esa