Vedenvälke is a residential building under construction in Lahti. The Showroom experience was made for marketing the apartments and the new home design concept launched by YIT. This project is the beginning of our collaboration with YIT. Compared to our previous Showroom projects, Vedenvälke introduces a new level of realistic VR performance. The interior correlates with YIT brand and has been designed in collaboration with YIT interior architects.


  • Space and dimensions visualized in a way that is familiar and comprehensive
  • Easy usability and intuitive user interface to guide you through the experience
  • Scenery matching the future view from the appartment and common spaces
  • Interactions to let you change materials and themes to match your likings.
  • Interior design according to designers from YIT completing the feel and nature of the apartments.
  • Scale model to give perspective and information from the site
  • 2017

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