Redi Buugi VR was made as an entertainment experience for SRV:s 30th year anniversary event. It was at display in the evening party and was one of the main attractions. Over 1000 guests took part for the event, and the luckiest of them had the chance to immerse them selves in to an exclusive virtual party. The VR-experience takes the user in the rooftop terrace of REDI’s tallest residential building, Majakka. After a quick panorama tour in a normal daytime environment the terrace turns into a party zone never seen before. Hidden in the adventure there are some cool features giving the user more than they bargained for. The VR-setup included a DJ/PA-system, and the audio landscape in the party was made to effect the visual effects of the VR-experience (audio reactive VR environment) in real time.

Showroom experience

  • An exclusive experience customized for customers needs
  • Scenery matching the future view from the terrace
  • Hidden features to give the user a little extra to make the visit memorable
  • Real time audio reactive virtual environment
  •  2017

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